Split – Croatia

So many people have said to us “oh you’re going to Split – you will love it!” and they were absolutely correct. The day began as we docked with a breathtaking sunrise over the coastline. Split is a pretty typical ancient town with fortresses built on hilltops etc.

It was a shame that we only had one day here. We booked into a tour of Krka National Park with it’s numerous cascading water falls. Wow, what an amazing place, which was backed up by the enormous number of visitors (and this is supposed to be “shoulder season”). Totally recommend a visit as there are so many cascades, thousands of fish and very pristine. We also took a look at the watermill where they used to do their washing in the olden days.

A nice video taken by Merrisa of the waterfalls in Krka NP…

Some more links…

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