Dubrovnik – Croatia

Hello Dubrovnik

We arrived in Dubrovnik to an overcast morning and a weather forecast of 100% possibility of rain. Thank goodness it ended up no rain but sunny.

Dubrovnik is where a lot of the Game of Thrones series was filmed and we headed out to a “game of Thrones” theme tour. Our tour guide carried a book which she used to associate locations we visited with scenes from the series.

Trsteno Arboretum

The gardens which are contained in the Trsteno Arboretum is filming set in the Tyrell’s High Garden in Kings Landing was done (along with a lot of CGI enhancements). They are truly beautiful.

Dubrovnik Old Town

The old town section of Dubrovnik is where a lot of the Game of Thrones locations were filmed; such as the where Cersei Lannister walked naked down the street of shame, the Red Keep and the battle of Blackwater Bay etc

Cable Car of Dubrovnik

We rounded out our day with a trip on the cable car to the summit above the old town. The view is absolutely stunning and worth the 25 Euro. We then returned to the ship which finally sailed for our next port at 11:30pm that night; we were fast asleep after a very exhausting day chasing dragons.

We sailed out of Dubrovnik with yet another amazing sunset

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