Katakolo, (Ancient Olympia) Greece

Our 1st port of call was the Greek town of Katakolo; is a seaside town in the municipality of Pyrgos in western Elis, Greece. It is situated on a headland overlooking the Ionian Sea and separating the Gulf of Kyparissia from the rest of the Ionian.

Ancient Olympia

Our 1st “shore excursion” for the cruise saw us visiting the ancient Olympia Archaeological Site. Although just a chaotic heap of ruins today, the site is truly impressive.

Olympia was the place where the first ancient Olympic Games took place. These games were held to honor god Zeus and included a series of athletic competitions with representatives of all the Greek city-states. In fact, it was a great honor for a city-state to give birth to Olympic winners, whose only prize was a olive branch.

Kourouta Beach

Following our tiring and hot tour around the ancient site of Olympia we were spirited away to a lovely beach on the Mediterranean coastline called Kourouta beach.

It was lovely and the sandy beach was a surprise as we were expecting to be walking on rocks. Lunch and a couple of swims and then we headed back to our ship.

Katakolon Harbour & Dinner

Took a lovely stroll around the Katakolon Harbour to check out the little fishing boats, very cute. Would hate to be out on rough seas in these boats.

Also managed to get some awesome photos of our ship as well.

That evening was the Koningsdam Gala Dinner so we all got dressed up and headed out for a wonderful evening with a six course meal – a belly full for sure.

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