Tour of the Koningsdam’s Kitchen

The ship offers many different types of activities whilst you are at sea. Today we took a guided tour of the ship’s kitchens where they prepare food for the 2,263 guests and 981 staff.

Everything is extremely clean and sterile, as you would expect. Here are some facts about the average weekly consumption of food on board…

Meat and Meat Products 17,690 Kilograms
Poultry 3,130 Kilograms
Fish 1,479 Kilograms
Seafood 1,814 Kilograms
Butter and Margarine907Kilograms
Fresh Vegetables 8,165 Kilograms
Melon 1,814 Kilograms
Dairy 5,678 Litres
Sugar 1,134 Kilograms
Individual Sugar Packages43,400Pieces
Rice for Crew 1,043 Kilograms
Flour 2,359 Kilograms
Potatoes 1,814 Kilograms
Ice Cream 1,060 Litres

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